What does five-minute convergence actually mean for your farm? | GNSS correction signals explained

Newly enhanced TerraStar-C PRO is ready in 5 minutes with 2.5 cm (1”) repeatable accuracy and 60% more signal types for better performance along treelines.

As a farmer using precision agriculture practices, you need a dependable solution that saves time and extends inputs. However, your precision ag solution is only as good as it is consistent and accurate. New PPP correction services like TerraStar-C PRO provide the reliability and precision you need faster than ever before – but what does five-minute convergence mean for your farm?

What is convergence?

Correction services correct errors caused by the atmosphere, changing weather and satellite orbital drift. Precise point positioning (PPP) services deliver those corrections worldwide without being limited to a base station’s range or requiring additional infrastructure like radios, modems or data plans. When the guidance system on your tractor includes these PPP corrections, a more accurate and reliable position is calculated on start-up; convergence is this calculation process. The faster your convergence, also referred to as pull-in time, the faster your system can remove errors and the faster your tractor is ready to go.

How do you reach 5-minute convergence?

Faster convergence is directly tied to the efficiency of the entire PPP network. For TerraStar-C PRO, faster convergence results from increasing the number of satellite signals and frequencies the system can detect and use. By expanding its ability to receive 60 per cent more signal types than before, TerraStar-C PRO achieves five-minute convergence and superior performance along tree lines because more satellite signals are available. With five-minute convergence, you won’t be left waiting to get the field started.

How does convergence affect accuracy and reliability?

With 60 per cent more signals and frequencies available to use, your GNSS receiver becomes even more accurate. With TerraStar-C PRO, farmers achieve two centimetre (less than one inch) pass-to-pass accuracy with year-over-year repeatability. More signals mean more data – if a signal is interrupted or blocked, there are additional signals to use. This signal availability makes your system more redundant, more reliable and more accurate year over year. That means inputs go further, yields increase and operational costs go down.

What does 5-minute convergence actually mean?

A global PPP corrections service must increase signal availability to achieve five-minute convergence. With 60 per cent more signal types available, your system performs better along tree lines and improves pass-to-pass accuracy to 2 centimetres (sub-inch). This results in a corrections signal like TerraStar-C PRO that improves your solution precision and efficiency while lowering input costs and work delays.

*Brands will be releasing TerraStar enhancements based on their own release schedule, contact your local dealer about availability!

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